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Parish of Alston Moor
The Church of England
serving God’s people
in the North Pennines
Supporting Sammy
This is our young friend Sammy, who is 26, intelligent, educated, creative, loving and fun. She wants to teach, though she had to give up her college course because of illness.
She suffers from many complex problems, including Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, POTS, kidney problems, digestive problems, dislocating joints and muscle weakness. But no medic will take her on as a complete case, because she needs more than one specialist. Many people would have given up, but not Sammy.
We prayed for her especially on the 24th July, along with people of all faiths, all over the world. This is not a last-ditch appeal to a God she doesn't know, but a natural part of her lifelong faith and church membership. Nor is it a hopeless case - she could live a long fruitful life with a little help.
There are one or two things she most needs help with NOW - help with eating so she doesn't need to be vein-fed, a decent wheelchair for her long, lying down frame, and progress with medical professionals willing to really work with her.
She hopes her prayer circle will open up new pathways to care for herself and others like her, and one day, a cure.
Dear God, we thank you for Sammy and others like her,
who manage to share their gifts and love,
despite fighting such huge battles with illness.
We thank you for people all around the world
who are praying with Sammy.
We offer our prayers that you may use them in your care for her.
May she may be given strength and peace,
respite from the symptoms,
and encouragement from knowing
so many people are alongside her today.
Bless her family who strive alongside her,
that they too may know your power in their lives.
Be in her encounters with all the medical professionals,
that they may treat her with compassion,
as a whole human being.
Lead her to those with the insight and confidence
to work with her complex set of problems.
Please direct Sammy and her friends
in their use of whatever resources they are given,
whether personal or professional, spiritual or financial,
that all may work together for good under Your guidance.
May Sammy's story be a help to others in their struggles,
and her case lead to better understanding
of the illness she hopes one day to overcome.
We ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.